Fresh Fruits

Boost your immunity by purchasing these natural and high quality fresh fruits. Highly admired by the clients for their naturally sweet taste and various health benefits, the offered fruits are free from harmful pesticides and safe for human consumption.

Fresh Vegetables

Enriched with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, these excellent quality fresh fruits can be purchased at pocket-friendly prices. Well known in the market for their freshness and long shelf life, consumption these vegetables will keep you away from various cardiovascular and other diseases.


Prepare delicious and mouthwatering dishes sitting at your home by purchasing rice which is highly admired by the clients for great taste and high nutrients. Packed safely in hygienic conditions, this is safe for human consumption and can be stored for longer time.

Quinoa Seeds

Reduce your weight naturally and boost your immunity by purchasing these excellent quality quinoa seeds that are safe for human consumption. Well known in the market for their mild and nutty flavor, consumption of these seeds will prevent you from various digestive issues.

Soybean Seeds

We are here offering our clients these organic and excellent quality soybean seeds that are well known in the market for their high nutrients and various health benefits. Well known in the market for their long shelf life, these can be availed at pocket-friendly prices.

Jaggery Cube

Prevent yourself from various diseases by purchasing these delicious and excellent quality jaggery cubes that are made from fresh sugarcane juice. To prevent from moisture and humidity, these are packed safely in attractive packaging. Consumption of jaggery on a regular basis will flush out all toxins from your body.

Cashew Nut

Strengthen your bones and muscles by buying these excellent quality cashew nuts that are highly admired by the clients for their long shelf life and high nutrients. Safe for human consumption and packed hygienically, these can also be used for making variety of beverages and desserts.

Leather Products
Our Leather & Leather Products are made purely with leather material. These are used for a variety of purposes. People are fond of these items due to their longer life, tear resistance, lasting shine and pleasing appearance. 

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